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Year 4

The Minions go on a Cubs outing to the Museum of English Rural Life

October 16th, 2017 · 1 Comment · English, General News, Learning Habits, Year 4

a creative story written by James, 4E

On a Thursday evening in late September, the Shinfield Cubs went to the Museum of English Rural Life in Reading.  The minions thought it would be fun to join this outing and the Cub leaders were replaced with Dru and Gru for the evening.

The Cubs were welcomed and asked not to touch anything as they went round.  The Cubs started the Rat and Rodent Trial and learnt that rats were a big problem to people in the 1900s.  The rats would chew and eat their way through the corn and grain.  The Cubs learnt that rat traps, dogs, boys and men were used to capture the rats.

The minions started to be naughty, touching things and going places they should not.  One of the minions called Al, told the other minions Sammy and Rusty to come with him to move the rat pictures so the cubs could not find them.  Another minion called Jack got caught in a rat trap.  When the other minions came to help him Trevor and Victor got caught too.  Bratt, The King Rat, then appeared and started to laugh, “Ha ha ha” as he opened the door to the cellar. Suddenly there were rats everywhere, everyone screamed “arghhhhhhhh”. The Cubs jumped on the tables. The minions gathered round to make a plan to save the Museum and Cubs.

The minions threw stink bombs and chased the rats and Bratt back into the cellar and locked the door.


The Museum were very grateful and said the Cubs and minions were welcome anytime!

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