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September 12th, 2017 · 6 Comments · English, General News, Year 4

a creative story by Millicent, 4E

Once there was a small pottery pig, who lived on the shelf of the Market Pottery Place. Like all the other pottery figures, he longed to have colour.

All they did every day was sit very still, hoping that someone would come along and pick them of the shelves.

You see, they knew what would happen if they were chosen.

They saw what happened to all the chosen pottery, they were picked of the shelves and painted with all the colours of the rainbow.

But the pig knew he would never be picked, for he had been put in the corner of the shelf by the pottery lady where no one could see him.

One day, the Market Pottery Place was closed and the pig thought that he would go and get himself painted.

The Market Pottery Place didn’t just sell pottery, it had a café, a florist, and a sewing and knitting place too.

So the pig thought he would start at the café.

He waited until someone opened the door then off he trotted down the alley to the café.

In the café there were lots of cakes to choose from, but the pig decided he would start with the strawberry blancmange.

Carefully he lifted the cabinet, and pushed the strawberry blancmange with his snout, and pushed it under the counter.

When no one was looking he rolled in it, he jumped in it, he danced in it!

After a while, he was a vivid pink in colour.

“Not bad” he said looking at his reflection, “not bad at all, but I think I will go to the knitting and sewing shop next.

At the knitting and sewing shop wool and cotton of every kind stood on the shelves, but the pig had seen some tie dye and was heading straight for it.

The colour he chose was a beautiful leaf-green dye.

He wanted to get the effect just right, so when no one was looking, he bounded up the shelves and found a large cotton reel.

He pushed the cotton reel so it was touching the back of the shelf, then he stood on it and rolled it forward, then suddenly he jumped off the cotton reel, he fell off the shelf, and landed in a bucket of leaf-green dye.

Now he was pink, with splodges of green here and there.

“Much better” he said to no one in particular, “but I think I’ll go home now.

So off he trotted down the alley back to the pottery shelf.

Now that he was all painted  he grabbed a fine paintbrush and jumped on a shelf with a sign saying ‘Need To Glaze.’ Then he asked a cow who had painted her and she said “Maisy Edison .” So he wrote M.E on his bottom. After he was glazed, Maisy Edison came and took him home.

After that, he was proud to be the most colourful pottery in her bedroom.

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