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Year 4


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a creative story by Ethan, 4L

It was a dull, dull, dull, dull day.

Peter was walking back from school, it was a very good school, full of wonderful teachers, a petting zoo, naughty children and lots of great equipment, Peter really didn’t like House Grange though, mainly because of school pudding, every day it was boring fruit salad.

Kicking his once shiny black shoes through a trough of damp rotting leaves suddenly he stumbled upon a tiny bird fluttering on the ground helpless. He couldn’t just leave it there.  Before he knew it, he had wrapped it in his school scarf and was on his way home.

Peter had no idea that that day would be the day his life would change forever.

Peter ran home, then straight up to his room, mum was in the kitchen cooking dinner but her shout of “how was school today sweetie” was met by a hurried “fine’ ’response” as Peter was just as keen to keep this a secret as he was to help the poor little bird.

As Peter looked down on the drab looking brown bird, he saw that its left wing was either broken or at the very least badly sprained, Peter was not a vet.

After a few searches on ‘google’ and ‘you tube’ he made a splint from an old lolly stick, and Peter found that the box that his old school shoes came in made a great bed, he stuffed it   with that horrible jumper Aunt Jennifer had given him for Christmas.

Peter looked at the now comfy bird, ‘you must be hungry’ Peter said to himself, but the trouble was he didn’t know what the bird might want to eat, or even what type of bird it was!

Peter tried and tried everything he could from bird seed to worms to berries but all in vain as the tiny bird would not eat anything. As he thought of what else birds ate he grabbed a bag of fiery Doritos for a snack. After about 3 crisps he heard a faint cheeping noise, he

leaned over to see the tiny bird with its mouth wide open, It was crying for the chili snacks. Apprehensively he fed the tiny bird a small piece of the crisp, only to find that he absolutely loved them, eating more and more of the spicy morsels.

The next day Peter was surprised to see that the tiny bird was no longer tiny, it had grown at least double over night, not only that, it now had bright orange in the centre of its head.

Peter decided that now was time to name this poor bird, so after another quick search on google he decided to go with the name: flame, to go with its orange fiery feathers.

Peter finally decided to tell his parents, he gathered them in the living room and gently broke it to them. To his amazement they thought it was a good idea, and said they were proud of

7him for his kindness.

Every day he would rush back from school to feed his growing bird, and every day it would surprise him with its changes, firstly he grew more and more of the flame red feathers and on top of that was its size, it was now the size of a large dog, not quite the dogs that you see at Crufts, the size of a cow, but he was getting close.

When he was coming back from school he saw a great puff of smoke thrown into the crisp sky, It seemed to be coming from near his house, Peter started to run faster and faster as he got closer to his house, as he got to his road he found firemen dragging hoses through the house, the smoke was coming out of the back garden, Peter rushed in.

What a sight! Mum and Dad were there, two fire men, Sue and Trever from next door, and right in the middle of them all was Peter’s not so little bird, bright and beautiful, sat in a nest of not sticks and mud, but of fire!

Peter realised then, Flame was a Phoenix!

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