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October 31st, 2016 · 2 Comments · General News, Geography, Year 4

by Amabel, 4L

baby-eating-manI went to Switzerland to see my friends Maddie, Ben and Dominic.  We went for three days.  We went on a plane for 1 hour and 10 minutes to Zurich and a train for an hour to Bern.  Most trains have two floors.  When we got off the train Lyn, Maddie’s Mum, was waiting on the platform with their dog Millie.  The train station is underground in Bern.

Maddie, Ben and Dominic had already had their half term so we had hot chocolate and went to pick them up from school.  Maddie, Ben and Dominic start school at 8.15am and they finish at 3.30pm and 2pm on a Wednesday. We got the local train back to their house.  For tea we had fondue, which is melted cheese in a big pot, with potatoes and bread.

bern-clockOn the second day it rained in the morning.  We took Maddie, Ben and Dominic to school and then we walked Millie in the rain.  We put on water proof trousers and a very big coat. Down the road from their house is a big forest that we walked through.  We collected acorns to make acorn men and threw stones into the big river.  Later we then walked to the train station and went on a double decker train where I got a special ticket, that you have to have scanned on the platform.  You put the ticket in a small orange box and it scans the ticket.  It puts the date on it and the number of the platform you are on. We picked up Maddie, Ben and Dominic and went to a sweet shop that had a slide going into the shop.  The slide was very steep and fast.  We got a bag and glove and were allowed 100g of sweets.  In Switzerland they don’t have Euros.  The biggest coin they have is a 5 franc coin.bear

We saw the town clock and the statue called ‘Baby eating man’. Then we got on a bus to see the Bern bears.  There are three bears but we only saw one because two were hibernating.

On the last day we went up a mountain with their dog Millie.  We went up the mountain on a train that ran on a wire.  At the top we went to see if the luge was open but it wasn’t, so we went to the wooden play park. A luge is a big slide that goes down the mountain and you sit in a little cart that has a gear stick that you pushed down to go faster.  At the park we played with a ball run.  You control your ball by moving wheels and leavers.  After we went up a big tower.  My Daddy thought that he could run up 119 steps without stopping! But he couldn’t.  He stopped two thirds of the way up.  At the top we could see the whole of Bern.

We were then able to have a go on the luge.  I had three goes and went faster each time.  I loved going around the bends trying not to brake.

I had an amazing holiday. What did you do on your holiday?

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