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September 15th, 2015 · 3 Comments · General News, Maths, Year 4

DSC07173We know our 9x table! Using an easy finger method to help us access the answers quickly and develop better confidence and retention, the children in Mr Rex’s set have been studying the 9x table.

We have been looking at the different patterns that make up the 9x table. Using some of our place value understanding, we can see how the U digits ascend when the T digits descend in the opposite order. We notice how each multiple’s digits add up to 9 each time, for instance 9×3=27 (2+7=9) and 9×7=63 (6+3=9).

DSC07168 DSC07169 DSC07170 DSC07171 DSC07172 DSC07174 DSC07175 DSC07176

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