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Year 4

Collecting Eggs

February 27th, 2015 · 3 Comments · Learning Habits, Year 4


What a glorious morning! The chickens are certainly relishing the spring feel of the sunshine as Matthew and Thomas excitedly entered the enclosure. They have been down to the farmyard this morning to collect the latest batch of eggs.

DSC05400 DSC05401 DSC05394

Keeping a beady eye out for the cheeky rooster, the boys had to poke around in the hen hut to search for eggs. They were really interested and quite amazed to note how one hen sits on most of the eggs. Being brave, and still keeping watch out for the cranky rooster, the boys had to gently shift the hen out of the way to get the eggs. Wow, the really does squawk with annoyance when she has to move off her brooding position.

DSC05393 DSC05396 DSC05398

Afterwards they went off to collect eggs from the ducks. They were astonished to note the difference in colour between the chicken and the duck eggs which almost had a blue glow. It was a tremendous haul of eggs and the boys were delighted! The farmyard eggs are used in the school kitchen and also upstairs in the cookery room.

DSC05399 DSC05402 DSC05409

How many eggs do you think the boys have collected?

Then estimate how many eggs are laid each full week

Can you tell the difference between the duck and chicken eggs?



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  • Thomas H

    I had a lot of fun collecting the eggs and there were a lot more than last time I collected the eggs.

  • matthew

    One of the hens tried to jump on us!

  • William

    For your first question, I think that the answer is 130 eggs and for your second question, I think that the answer is 23 eggs. When the hens jumped on you, what did it feel like?

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