Year 4

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Year 4

October 2014 Half-term Fun by Aadi

December 5th, 2014 · 5 Comments · General News

Potters Bar, London!

  • It was fascinating trip to visit Jain temple in Potters Bar- we saw a giant hand symbolising “Ahimsa” meaning non violence and peace.
  • On the way, we saw a really funny pub named as “Potty’s Pancakes”….me and my little brother burst out laughing and kept laughing the whole trip.

Awesome London Aquarium!

It was my first visit to London aquarium and I absolutely loved it.

I saw giant sharks and I touched star fishes

Loads of baby tortoises:)

Two fishes kissing each other…just so hilarious!!

I went with my parents inside the hurricane chamber – which had wind blowing like hurricane inside it and I felt as it was real hurricane coming….a fascinating experience! must try it. It’s fantastic!

Leicester Square, London….it never sleeps!

Loads of lights, restaurants, movie premiers, people, music, big billboards.

Sure to say my favourite part was China Town and loved eating with chopsticks- they are tricky but fun….check me out:)

There were cool street dance people performing some amazing moves.

I visited M&M world- its was a dreamland for me..chocolates …chocolates everywhere..and loads to eat…oops not really….here you can choose M&Ms of all colours shades as much as you like…of course you have to pay for it!

Me and little brother posing on M&M Road….

The M&M’s world had all kind’s of flavours everywhere I looked I saw M&M’s.The best part was eating the scrumptious chocolates.

Merci Amis!

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  • Amy

    That sounds like great fun where you’ve been. I wish I’d been there! I like the sound of Jain temple. What was your favourite place?

    • Aadi

      Thanks for commenting on my holiday Amy it was very kind. My favourite part was the M&M’s world because all those dazzling chocolate they were in different colours and yummy. Making me feel like the M&M’s were golden jewels.

  • Sid

    Where you have been Aadi sounds like the best place in the world! The most interesting part for me was the London Aquarium. How did the starfish feel? The two fish kissing must have been quadruple hilarious!

  • Luca

    I enjoy visiting aquariums Aadi, but I’ve never been in a hurricane chamber…reading your description has made me want to go in one!

  • William

    That sounds like a lot of fun Aadi, you should feel really lucky. Hope you have as much fun in the years to come!

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