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Squash, by George

November 24th, 2014 · 2 Comments · Year 4

By George, 4E

What is it?
Squash is a racquet game played between two (singles) or four (doubles) people.
Each person has a squash racquet. The ball is made out of rubber, it is small and hollow.
The game is played on a court.

The Court
The court is a cube which has 4 walls. You can hit the ball against the wall in front and on either side and behind (but not on the roof).

This is a squash court:

The Squash Court

The Squash Court

The Game
The players must take turns to hit the ball with their racquet, and hit the ball onto the playable surfaces of the four walls of the court.

The Rules
– When the ball hits above the top line it is out.
– If the ball hits below the bottom line it is out.
– The players spin a racquet to decide who serves first.
– The player starts the first rally by choosing the left or right box to serve from.
– The ball must strike above the service line (middle line).
– The player must stand in the box without their feet touching any of the service box lines.
– After the serve the players must take turns hitting the ball against the front wall above the bottom line. The ball may hit the side or back walls at any time as long as it hits below the out line (top line).
– The ball is allowed to bounce once and hit any of the walls any number of times before it is hit back.
– Players may move anywhere around the court but you cannot get in the way of the other person on purpose.
– Games are played to 11 points, but you must be clear by two points to win. For example if the score is 10 – 10, play continues until one player wins by 2 points. For example 12 – 10.

Do you like Squash? Have you ever seen it being played? Let me know by writing a comment.

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  • gbeddington

    This is very interesting, George. I find the picture of the court particularly useful as it has clear labels that provide more information about the game.

    Do you play squash or do you just like to watch it? What is it that you like about the game?

  • Granny

    Grandad has a squash court and I play when I visit him.

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